Midnight Sun Performing Arts provides a variety of workshop style courses in addition to Private Instruction. We offer three series of acting courses to get you started in your acting experience. All courses are two hours long except where noted. Age 15+. Take any single class in the series, or take an entire series. It’s up to you!


Intro to Theatre: The very basics on everything theatre! Theatrical history, basic vocabulary, movement, improv, and the theatre community. A shotgun approach to everything theatrical and the Anchorage Theatre Scene. A great class to start out your exploration. Only $25.00!!

Auditioning 1 – The Cold Reading: From walking in the door to performing the cold reading, learn how to begin auditioning for local theatre. Get the basics on choosing a monologue. Learn how to make bold choices in a fun, energized environment that is perfect for the beginner. $50.00

Movement: Fundamentals of stage movement including a basic vocabulary of the stage. Be confident in making physical choices while treading the boards. $50.00

Rehearsal : I Got the Part! Now What? What are the expectations of a novice? Walk into your first rehearsal already knowing what to do. This is the introduction to your first day as an actor! $50.00

Developing Character : Learn the basics of character analysis. Learn some basic tools for creating a living character on stage, including an introduction to Laban movement spectra. *This is a 3 hour course* $75.00


Auditioning 2 – Monologue Development: Fine tuning prepared monologues for the Audition. Determining your “type.” Also appropriate for developing DDF pieces in HI, DI and Solo Acting. (Prereq. Auditioning 1) $50.00

Developing Character 2: Beginning textual analysis, 4 column character study, identifying character arc. Includes scene work with other actors. *This is a 3 hour course* (Prereq. Developing Character 1) $75.00

Acting Styles: Differences in acting styles for different theatrical modes: Musical Theatre, Melodrama, American Realism, Shakespeare. (Prereq. Developing Character 2) $50.00

Accents & Dialects: Breaking down accents and dialects. Working with dialect recordings. Developing RP English and Cockney dialects. *This is a 3 hour course* (Prereq. Developing Character 2) $75.00


Developing Character 3: Advanced textual analysis, motivations and intentions. Working in beats. Includes scene work with other actors. *This is a 3 hour course* (Prereq. Developing Character 2) $75.00

Acting Shakespeare: Analyzing text and meaning. Diction. Rhythms. Elizabethan movement and style. *This is a 3 hour course* (Prereq. Developing Character 3) $75.00

Sharing the Stage: Working in an ensemble. Learning the give and take of scenes with other actors. This course is 6 hours over two weeks. (Prereq. Developing Character 3) $150.00


STAGE FRIGHT!: Develop coping skills for dealing with Performance Anxiety. Identify the neural mechanisms that trigger stage fright. Learn various relaxation skills coupled with cognitive and behavioral techniques which will give you the tools to help overcome stage fright. Great for the theatre, but equally helpful in public speaking and other social anxiety situations. Bring a pillow! This is a 3 hour course. $75.00

Theatre in the Classroom: This course is especially for teachers. Learn techniques for using theatre in the classroom setting. Particularly directed towards Middle School and High School classes. Lesson Plans!! A 4 hour class. $100.00.

Stage Management: Learn the fundamentals of managing a theatrical performance from start to finish. Materials provided. This is a 6 hour course over two sessions. $150.00

Beginning Directing: A process oriented course in how to direct your first show. Theoretical concepts are put into practice with a “case study” used to demonstrate the process. Direct other class students in a scene to develop directorial understanding. This is a 9 hour course over 3 sessions. $225.00

Stage Combat: Taught by certified fight choreographers and instructors, Midnight Sun provides classes in Basic Stage Combat, Hand To Hand, Knife Fighting, and other forms. Costs and prerequisites vary.

SPECIAL: Look for special workshops outside of our regular offerings created by our talented Guest Artists! Costs and prerequisites vary.


Prerequisites are recommended for you to get the most out of your class. But experience and other factors may take the place of prerequisite courses. Contact us at 907.727.3289 with your questions!